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In light of the current coronavirus pandemic, we would like to reassure our patients as to the additional measures we are taking at Ayub Endodontics to ensure your safety and to continue providing treatment for the maintenance your dental health.

The government guidelines for managing coronavirus are dynamic and will continually change as the transmission develops. Currently and sensibly, the advice is to avoid all non-essential contact. In the context of healthcare/dental care “non-essential” requires further clarification. As it seems likely that this pandemic will last for many months avoidance of treatment for pain, oral infection and the prevention of dental disease cannot be deferred indefinitely and we will have to attend to our routine dental needs.

The clinical environment in which dental treatment is carried out has been, for many years, one of the most strictly regulated areas in which you will find yourself. Government regulation and Care Quality Commission regulations and inspection ensure control of cross-infection of many serious bacterial and viral infections. This means that our practices are safe places to work and safe places for our patients to attend.

Due to the highly infectious nature of coronavirus we have taken the following additional measures to reduce transmission outside of the surgery itself:

We ask patients not to attend if they have experienced fever or a cough (in accordance with current government guidelines) or if they have come in contact with somebody with these symptoms. Regular patients in pain who cannot attend are urged to telephone our practice and a dentist will offer advice or prescribe medicine as required.

Above all we urge common sense. Many of us will experience dental problems during this pandemic and will require treatment. This treatment will be provided, and patients should be confident that it will be provided in a safe and protective environment.

Keep calm and carry on, be kind and considerate to others especially the elderly and infirm and wash your hands more frequently!

We will update this information in accordance with government guidelines as the situation evolves.

Please click on the following link for the BES recommendations on providing Endodontic treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic: