What is endodontics?
Endo- internal. [Greek endon ‘within’]
odonto- relating to tooth. [Greek odont ‘tooth’]
-logy (ology) denoting a subject of study [Greek logia]

– Oxford English Dictionary, 2004

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that is concerned with the management of the hollow space inside the tooth, commonly known as the ‘root canal’. This space contains the nerves and blood supply of the tooth, called the ‘dental pulp’, which helps to nourish a healthy tooth. The dental pulp also helps to protect a diseased tooth.

Endodontology is the study of the pulp in health and disease. It concerns all aspects of dentistry that may directly or indirectly affect the pulp.

The anatomy of a tooth
Causes of tooth disease
What is involved in root canal treatment?
How long does it take to carry out root canal treatment?
Who performs root canal treatment?
Why have I been referred to a specialist in endodontics?
Is root canal treatment painful?
Will the tooth need any special care or additional treatment?
How long will my root filling last?
Can all teeth be root treated?
What is endodontic surgery?
What are the alternatives to endodontic treatment?
How much will a root canal treatment cost

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